It’s that time of year, when we plan the annual state confer- ence. (Actually, the planning takes about thirteen months, and we are well on our way.) At the May meeting we decided ona theme, general purpose and outline of events. We also adopted a budget.

While we may all share membership in the Lesbian/Gay community, each of us is constituent to one, or more, other ‘groups’ in society. Race, age, sex, economics, religion, etc., pro- vide further definition, and division, to our lives. An under- standing of this wide range of experience may help to unify, rather than seperate, us. PRIDE °80 hopes, through ‘special needs’ and ‘common goals’ workshops, to bring us all closer to- gether. Therefore, we have chosen as out theme UN/TY /N DIVERSITY.

The general outline of the schedule is as follows:

FRIDAY - Registration; Keynote Addresses; Entertainment

SATURDAY - Special Needs Workshops: A. Black & Third World B. Handicap & Age C. Women D. Men There will also be workshops on general interest topics.

SATURDAY EVENING - Annual Pride Banquet: Pre- sentation of Community Service Awards; Entertain- ment

SUNDAY Common Needs Workshops; Religious Services; All-Conference Session

Planning for the Special Needs workshop series is being handled by people who identify themselves as part of those groups. In keeping with our theme, the entertainment sections will freature performers whose creativity stems from their ex- periences as Women, Men or People of Color.


At our last meeting, we set dates for Network meetings for the rest of this year. All meetings will be on Saturdays, at 1PM, at the Friends Meetinghouse in Harrisburg. The dates are:

July 12 September 13 November 15

August 16 October 18 December 13


NEXT MEETING: SATURDAY JUNE 14, 1PM Friends Meetinghouse, 6th & Herr Sts., Harrisburg

JUNE 1980


P.O. Box 822 Federal Square Station Harrisburg, PA 17101

This is the address where you can now reach the Network. We had developed some minor problems with our former mail- ing location, in Allentown, and since we were about to open a post office box for PRIDE ‘’80, we decided to combine both (saving some money in the process). Also, we ask groups with whom we are currently exchanging newsletters and information to make this change on their mailing lists.


Prior to our next regular meeting, Philadelphia Black Gays will be sponsoring a meeting for all interested Black and Third World Lesbians and Gays. This meeting will be at 10:30AM, at the Friends Meetinghouse, 6th & Herr Sts., Harrisburg. Discussion will center on the needs of non-white Lesbians and Gays and possible state-wide programs and actions. For further information contact Douglas Bowman at (215) GR 3-8299.


The next meeting will be Saturday June 14, at 1PM, at the Friends Meetinghouse, 6th & Herr Sts., Harrisburg. Discussion of PRIDE ‘80 needs will be on the agenda. We will be final- izing workshop topics, working on details of the schedule, and filling positions of chair for various subcommittees. They are: Workshops; Facilitators; Entertainment; Registration; Publicity/ Media; and Exhibits.

The second major item will be discussion of the upcoming national Presidential Nominating Conventions and Fall general elections. To what extent the Network will be able to be active in the Attorney General, US Senate and Presidential races will depend on the interest shown at this meeting. Please try to attend if you are interested.

~Box 822 Federal Square Station HARRISBURG, PA. 17101

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